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Setup a Default Agenda Item

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Items that are repeatedly used in agendas can be pre setup so they can be easily added to an agenda.  Only Owners and System Administrators can add these items.

  • From the Add Agenda page, select Default Items
  • Click Add Default Item
  • Enter the Name of the Default Agenda Item
  • If desired enter a Start Time for the item
  • A text box is available for a Description of the Default Agenda Item
  • To Attach Files to the agenda item:
    • Click Upload Files, and then Browse
    • Select the file to be uploaded from your computer. Multiple files may be uploaded at the same time by holding down the control key on your keyboard as you select the files. 
    • Click Upload.
  • Click Save and Approve.

The Default Agenda Item will then be available to add to any agenda by dragging it and dropping it in place without having to reenter the item each time an agenda is created.


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