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Use a Source Channel


These steps are taken after you publish a requisition.

  1. Select the Sourcing Channel Links
  2. You will see your links separated out between Internal and External sourcing channel links. You may or may not see the Internal Sourcing Links based on the configuration of your system. 
    • Note: If you are using the Employee Portal to advertise internal job postings, you will have Internal Sourcing Links.
  3. Click on External Sourcing Links
  4. Click Get Source Link for the link tol be generated for you to use
  5. Take the link above and copy it into your posting for that source channel. When candidates apply through the link you have applied, they will show up as coming from that source.
    • Note: if you are wanting to use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, these will need to be set up under "Settings". More information can be found here.

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