Create a Piwik Campaign


To install this tracking you can utilize click tracking so that we can see how many clicks a particular graphic link or hyperlink received. We can do this by replacing the existing URL in the hyperlink with one that has an analytics tracker built in! In order to get this tracking link I generated new links for these pages using a URL builder so that Piwik will track every-time it is engaged.

Piwik makes a tool for this available online.


  1. Copy the link out of the Graphic Links Module (or Page) and enter it in to the URL builder *making sure to use your custom domain, not production domain
  2. Provide a name for this campaign. URL generator set up should look like:
    • Note: Keep Names and Campaign Keywords to one word only as spaces will be represented as "%20" and can cause tracking problems when converted into ASP links
  3. Copy and paste the generated URL into link field in Graphic Links or hyperlink manager.

Once you click the link it is set and will begin generating data and will display in your Piwik log in in the next 24-48 hours. This delay is to due to data compilation.

More information and explanation about this can be seen online through Piwik's user guides.


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