Reporting Guide

Reporting Basics

CivicRec's new reporting platform brings powerful features giving you more access, control, and customization of reports. This guide will introduce you to the basics of the reporting system, so know how to generate any report you need.


Filtering the Report

Click the "Filters" button to reveal many ways to filter the report:

Different report types will have different filters available. The tabs on the left side are categories of filters that can be selected. Click "Apply" on the bottom-left to refresh the report with the selected filters.


Including More Fields

Click the "Fields" button to reveal a list of fields you can include in the report.

This menu contains a list of categorized fields in CivicRec that you can include in any report. Custom Data fields and Prompt Responses can also be included where applicable. Click "Apply" on the bottom-left to refresh the report with the selected fields.



Click the printer icon to print the report. Make sure you test your printer settings with a small report before printing multiple pages.


Exporting Spreadsheet

Click the spreadsheet icon with the green arrow to export a spreadsheet. A raw export includes all the data without sections and tallies.


Emailing Report

Click the envelope icon to email a report. You can list multiple addresses with commas, and choose to include it as an attachment.


Automating Report on a Schedule

Click the calendar icon to setup a report to run automatically.


Saving Custom Reports

If you customized a report and want to access it again, click the blue disk icon to save a custom report.


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