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3.0 Facility Management Quick Start Guide


The following outlines the basic steps needed to create locations and facilities within CivicRec. This guide assumes you have already completed the Basic Configuration Quickstart Guide.


Step 1: Create Locations

Location creation offers CivicRec admins the opportunity to create the parks and complexes where activities or rentals will be occurring.
  • Facilities - Facilities List
  • Select   
  • In the form fields provided, fill in the Location Name and then, optionally, any of the following:
    • Code - For easy referencing on calendars and other selectors within CivicRec
    • Description - A description of the park or complex. This is viewable publicly in some places.
    • Address
  • Select the Settings Tab to continue describing your location and, if desired, add an image for the public page detailing your location.
  • Click the "Save New Location" button


Step 2: Create Rentable or Reservable Facilities

Facilities are rooms, fields, or any other designated area that can be rented or reserved. 
  • The following facility types can be created in CivicRec:
    • Rooms
    • Fields
    • Golf Courses
  • Drill down on one of the aforementioned facility types
  • On the Facility listing page, click the "Add a New Facility" button at the right.
  • On the Facility Add/Edit page, you must minimally enter the following two fields to create a facility that can be scheduled for activities or internally reserved:
    • Location - Select the location of this facility from the dropdown
    • Facility Name - The name of the facility (e.g. "Community Room", "Field 1", "Gymnasium")
  • For advanced facility settings including rental options, visit: Advanced Facility Settings or Configuring Facilities for Rental

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