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3.0 Basic Configuration Quick Start Guide


There are basic settings in CivicRec that need to be initially configured to ensure that the product operates properly for your organization.


Step 1: Organization Information

Organizational information like name, address, etc are shown throughout the CivicRec site to both staff members as well as to public users
  • Configuration > Organization > Organization Information 
  • Complete all form fields
  • Click "Update"


Step 2: Payment Types

CivicRec comes pre-configured with the basic payment types of Cash, Check, Credit/Debit. and User Credit. Organizations that accept other payment types like scholarships or vouchers will need to enter those here
  • Configuration > Financial Settings >  Payment Types
  • Click "Create Payment Type" to save the new payment type
  • For information on payment type surcharges, visit: Payment Type Surcharges


Step 3: Local Resident Criteria (Optional)

  • Configuration > Organization >  Local Resident Criteria
  • Applies to groups who alter prices based on participant's place of residence

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