3.0 League Management


Creating a Head-To-Head League Schedule


This page assumes the following prerequisite steps have been taken:

  • You have successfully created a league (Managing Activity Groups and  Basic Session/Season Settings) and have now entered League Management by clicking the "head and shoulders" icon () from the league listing page.
  • It is also assumed that you have previously created any locations (Creating and Managing Locations) and fields (Basic Facility Settings) where you will be scheduling your games.
  • It is assumed that you have successfully created Teams within League Management for this particular season.


Step 1: Auto Create Matchups (from the "Game Schedule" tab in League Management)

  1. From the "Step 1: Matchups" menu, select "Auto Create Matchups"
  2. Select the number of games you would like for each team to play.
  3. This will generate a list of matchups between teams to achieve the number of specified games.


Step 2: Create the Valid Game Date/Time/Field Combinations

  1. From the "Step 2: Time Slots" menu, select "Configure Schedule"
  2. Click the "Add to Schedule" button
  3. Configure your first schedule with following options: 
    • Select the Field where the games will take place (You can select more fields later). 
    • Set the Date and Game Time on the first game of the season (including End Time)
    • Select the Game "Recurrence". This is nearly always "Weekly"
    •  If "Weekly" recurrence is chosen, specify the days of the week on which this league will play.
    • Specify the "Until" date which is simply the date of the last game of the regular season
    • Click "Save" to save this one recurring schedule
  4. After saving your first scheduled time, you will be asked if you want to use those same options for other Game Times or Fields. This will save you time over having to re-enter all of the dates and recurrence information. You can add as many game times or fields as needed.
  5. Once all dates, fields, and times have been added, close the Configure Schedule dialog to return to your list of matchups as well as your newly created date/time/field slots


Step 3: Drag & Drop "Special" Matchups to Time Slots

If there are games that need to specifically be played on certain dates/times/fields, those should be dragged to the proper time slots first. Simply click and hold down the left mouse key over the game matchup on the left, then drag the matchup to an available time slot on the right and let go of the left mouse button.

Step 4 (Optional): Auto-Assign Remaining Matchups

Once you have assigned some of your matchups to specific date/time/fields, you may want to have CivicRec simply auto-assign the remaining matchups. To do this, look again under the "Step 1: Matchups" menu, and look for the "Auto-Schedule Matchups" option. If you click this, you will be prompted as to whether or not you want to allow double-headers. After that, all remaining matchups will be distributed across all of the available time slots.

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