3.0 Financial Module


Tools for Viewing/Correcting the General Ledger


Once the GL is properly configured according to the steps outlined in General Ledger Configuration, CivicRec provides three tools to assist the customer in ensuring that the GL remains in balance

  1. Items Needing Attention: This tab identifies any items in CivicRec (programs, facilities, POS, etc) that, when set up, were not indicated to populate a revenue code. The revenue code can be added directly within this screen, or the user may choose to proceed to the Item itself and edit the GL tab.
  2. Transactions Needing Attention: This tab identifies transactions that have already been entered into the system but were not populated properly with GL codes.
    • The criteria used to identify these transactions follows:
      • Any transaction with NO entries in the GL
      • Any transaction where total debits does not equal total credits in the GL
      • Any transaction that should have deferred revenue and did not
      • Any transaction where debits and credits are both revenue accounts
    • Once all revenue codes are created and assigned properly you can have the system auto-generate the GL for those needinging attention. To do so:
      • Select "GL" next to the transaction (all the way to the right). 
      • Select "Auto -Generate" from the pop-up box in the upper right. The system will auto-generate based on the assigned GL codes to those items and remove from the list of "Needing Attention" and show properly on your reports.
  3. View/Set GL: The View/Set GL tool allows a user to search for a transaction and see how it appears in the GL. If the user wants to adjust the GL entries, he/she has two options:
    • Regenerate GL – Regenerating the GL entries automatically tells CivicRec to clear the codes on that transaction and reset them according to the system settings  configured above. This step is useful if the user has corrected a known issue in configuration. (e.g. an Item that previously did not have a revenue code). If the user has taken steps to adjust the GL configuration, Regenerating the GL will tell CivicRec to reset the transaction according to those new settings.
    • Manually Set GL – This step should typically not be necessary but is useful if there is an underlying problem with the transaction that is prohibiting CivicRec from setting the proper codes automatically. In that case, the user can force the GL entries as long as they are manually setting the entries in a way that balances debits and credits.

Important Note

Please note that, in the event of deferred revenue, CivicRec makes the date of payment entries AND the date of service entries at the same time. So, it’s typical to see “effective dates” when viewing the GL entries for a transaction with deferred revenue. This is what allows CivicRec to produce unearned revenue reports.


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