3.0 Financial Module


Recording an Over/Short Transaction


The following article describes how to record an over/short transaction in the event that an amount of money turned in from a location differs from what CivicRec indicates. This process can only be run by administrators currently.

  1. Navigate to Configuration - Financial Settings - GL Configuration
  2. Click on the View/Set GL Tab and then click the "Need to Record an Over/Short Transaction Link?"
  3. All fields other than the User Account are required. You can optionally attach the transaction to a specific user account if desired. Typically, this would only be done if you know which user overpaid the amount. Otherwise, fill in the date, transaction location, payment type, and either an amt or a credit.
    • User a Payment Amount if the till showed MORE than what CivicRec reported.
    • User a Payment Credit if the till showed LESS than what CivicRec reported.
  4. After submitting the Over/Short transaction, you will be redirected (by default) to the GL tool to establish the GL entry for the transaction. The payment row will be there already in the Payment section in the top. You will need to update the Revenue section at the bottom.First, select a revenue code by starting to type a revenue code on the revenue code box. After finding and selecting a code, you will need to do only ONE of the following things:
    • If your payment was recorded as an Over (meaning you recorded an additional payment to get CivicRec to match), you will need to offset that payment entry with a credit to a revenue code.
    • If your payment was reported as an Under (meaning you recorded a Credit to reduce the CivicRec reporting), you will need to record a Debit to some revenue account.
    • Only fill in the Debit OR the Credit in the Revenue section....not both

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