3.0 POS Configuration


Inventory Management for POS


Entering inventory at any location can be done from the new POS management screen, with the convenience of UPC-scanning.

Assuming you have previously configured your POS items, navigate to POS Items and begin by selecting the Inventory by Location tab.


Create Inventory Entry Instructions


Enter the following fields:

  • Location - select the location for which you are tracking inventory 
  • Quantity - Enter your starting number of items
  • Item - Select your previously configured POS item or select 
     in order to scan your item. The following dialog should open to scan your item:

Enter any applicable notes, if desired, and select 'Save New Inventory Entry'


Edit Existing Inventory Entry

In order to edit a quantity entry, select  and enter the adjusted quantity. 

Example: There are currently #85 hats in inventory at North Park, but there should actually be #80.

If you create a new inventory entry, for the SAME item, you can add or deduct quantity. In other words:

  • To add 5, enter quantity 5
  • To deduct 5, enter quantity -5
Enter any applicable notes, perhaps to describe the edit made to quantity and select Save New Inventory.
Now, as you'll see, by deducting 5, the quantity now indicates #80 hats. 


Tracking Inventory History

The Inventory Log tab provides a history of ALL your inventory entries, tagged by date and user ID.


This list can be sorted by clicking on any column (Date, Item, Location, etc) or, alternatively, you can also utilize the 'Search Text', 'Search Quantity' or 'Date' filters on the left hand side of the table. 

Also helpful, on the POS/catalog screen, all of your available inventory is displayed for any POS items that use inventory tracking.

Note: Please also refer to our new Inventory reports which can be located under our vast Report library.


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