Merchant Account (Credit Card) Processing

® Configuration

If you have selected as your gateway provider. Be sure you are set up with an eCommerce type of account since CivicRec is hosted that is the type of account we work with.


To get started our developers need your API Login ID and Transaction Key. If you are creating these for the first time visit our generation link.

Once you have the Login ID and Transaction Key please call us with this information (please do not email it) and we will get it into the coding on the back end.

In order to increase payment card security, CivicRec utilizes the SIM (Simple Integration Method) for accepting payments online. The SIM method simply means that the credit card entry form is hosted by and available through CivicRec's payment system.
In order for the Payment Screen to be tailored to properly fit the CivicRec interface, the customer has to configure the payment form through their own Login.
The following steps outline how to do that:
  1. Log into
  2. Click the Account menu
  3. Under Transaction Format Settings click Payment Form
  4. Select "Form Fields" - Under shipping information, uncheck View/Edit for ALL fields
  5. The only fields that should be clicked are:
    • Payment Information
    • Card Code (View,Edit,Required)
    • Customer Billing Information
    • First Name (View,Edit,Required)
    • Last Name (View,Edit,Required)
    • Address (View,Edit,Required)
    • City (View,Edit,Required)
    • State (View,Edit,Required)
    • Zip (View,Edit,Required)
  6. Click "Silent Post URL" and paste/save:
  7. Click "Relay Response" and paste/save:
No other fields are required to be checked. And, selecting the ones listed above will ensure that the payment form will fit nicely into the payment screen.

Once this is entered your account may be in test mode. Before any transactions can be made you will have to turn off test mode. To do so, follow the  directions below.

To Turn Test Mode Off or On

  1. Log on to the Merchant Interface at

  2. Select Settings under Account in the main menu on the left

  3. Click Test Mode in the Security Settings section

  4. Click Turn Test OFF to take your account out of Test Mode. Click Turn Test ON to place your account in Test Mode


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