3.0 Facilities


Creating a New Internal Facility Reservation


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Calendar
  2. Click on date needed (double check filters, make sure everything is showing)
  3. The Create New Reservation box will pop up. 
  4. Fill in reservation details.
    • Facility: Select which facilities are to be reserved and the corresponding “rate type”
    • Date and Time: Select the dates and times of the reservation(s)
    • Recurrence: Select the desired recurrence option from the drop down (See the note on the bottom of the pop-up box for recurrence updates as you adjust these settings.)
      • None / One time only: Means this will be for just the one day. This is typical for a one time reservation
      • Daily: This reservation is for every day within the selected dates/times and for the number of days selected in the interval drop down.
      • Weekly: This reservation will occur each week on the day selected, within the dates and times selected at the interval selected.
        • Note: Date and time section is the first reservation date and the series will end at the “Until” date
      • Monthly: This reservation will occur each month on the day selected, within the dates and times selected at the interval selected.
        • Relative Date: Selecting this option indicates that the session will be based on the week of the month, versus the day of the month. In other words, the 3rd Thursday of every month, as opposed to the 20th of every month
    • Activity: If this reservation is to block the calendar off for an activity that isn’t already in the activity schedule tab you can associate it with that activity here via the activity look up.
    • Assigned User: You must select and assigned user account for the reservation, even if a staff member. You can choose to send a confirmation email or not as well.
    • Notes: Any notes for your reservation should go here. This is a great location for any special directions for the rental.
    • Default Color: This is the color that the reservation will show on the calendar. These are set by facility as well and is better for organization if you keep this blank and use the default settings under facility set up.
    • Conflicting Reservations: Select whether you want to allow or not allow conflicting reservations on the calendar.
  5. Save (No checkout) will create an admin block off.
    • Add to cart will save the reservation but allow you to input other reservations.
    • Add to cart and checkout will add the reservation to the cart and take you to the checkout process.

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