3.0 Facilities


Facility Calendar Filtering


The CivicRec Facility Calendar is a powerful tool for allowing staff members to quickly view and create reservations at any of the organization's facilities. The following is a brief description on how to filter the calendar to show specific facilities and event types.

  • Location Filter: View Calendar by selected facility or facilities. 
  • Program Filter: View Calendar by selected program or programs.
  • View Filters:
    • Internal Reservations - View only reservations made internally by staff.
    • Customer Reservations - View only reservations made online by customers.
    • Activity Schedules (Reserved)  - View Calendar of activities scheduled in facility that is reserved.
    • Activity Schedules (Non Reserved) - View Calendar of activities scheduled in facility that are not reserved.
    • League Games - View calendar of scheduled league games.
  • Tag Filters: View calendar of tags. To view daily details select "view full" as pictured above.

  • Availability View: While the event view shows what is happening in the facilities within a time frame the availability calendar shows what is available at a given time and at a given location.

    • Black means the facility is not available for rental during that day/time because of the facility availablility schedule.
    • Red means the facility is booked.
    • Green means the facility is available for rental.

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