3.0 Facilities


Manage Pending Reservations


  1. Administrators making reservations (pubic or internal) do not need to be declined or approved under the pending rentals section of the facilities module.
  2. The balance is put on the account at the end of the reservation, but no permit is generated until after the reservation is approved for public users.
  3. Once the rental is approved - the balance stays, permit is generated, calendar is reserved, and the customer can pay the balance due.
  4. Once the rental is declined - the balance is removed, the transaction is removed, and the calendar is cleared.


The Pending Rentals module is a dedicated view for rentals pending admin approval.

If a facility is configured to "require approval" then when it's rented online, it is input as balance due. 

Once the rental is approved, the customer can go online and pay it. Or if it's denied, the rental is voided.


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