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Templates - Survey Templates

New to CivicRec is the ability to create and assign surveys to programs. Surveys allow you to get the feedback you need to keep your customers happy.

Coming Soon: Surveys for Facility Rentals!

Creating a Survey Template

Navigate to Configuration>Templates > Survey Templates and select

Alternatively, (assuming you have previously created your activity session,) you may also create a new survey directly on on the advanced tab of your activity session.

To create your survey, simply enter a name for your Survey and a brief message.

  • Name
    - Just for internal use, i.e. "Youth Sports Survey"
  • Message
    -  Text will be displayed in the email and on the survey page your customer receives.


Note: While the survey questions are pre-established currently, we will be granting you the ability to configure your own questions in the next release.

Assigning a Survey to a Program

Enter the Survey Timing on the Advanced tab of your activity session. 

Indicate the number of days and whether you would like the survey to be sent that number of days either before or after the session ends.

Entering '0' or leaving the 'days' field blank indicates that the survey will be sent out on the day that the session ends.

Based on the date set, your customers will automatically receive an email with a link 
asking them to complete a brief survey about the program they recently participated in for your organization.

Currently the following questions are asked:

  1. How would you rate {program}?
  2. How would you rate {organization}?
  3. How would you rate your instructor(s)?
  4. How would your rate the online technology used in the registration process? 
  5. Do you have any additional feedback that will help us better serve the community?
Numbers 1-4 will be a simple rating out of 5
Number 5 will provide a text entry box for comments

Sample Survey


Collecting Survey Results

In order to collect your survey results, navigate to Reports>Activity Reports where the following reports will be available:
  1. Survey Response Summary By Activity - An overview of survey results by activity and session.
  2. Survey Response Detail By Activity - A detailed list of survey responses grouped by activity.

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