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Financial Settings - Discounts


“Financial Settings” takes care of all of your input preferences for Fee Add-ons, Discounts, GL Configurations, Cost Centers, Tax Types, and Payment Types.

In CivicRec, Discounts are used to attach various conditional fee discounts, such as local-resident discounts, early registration discounts, manual/custom discounts, etc., to program registrations or facility rentals.


Discount Types

  • Age: This discount can be used to distinguish a discount based on age. It works great for "Kids under 2 are free" or "Senior Discount" situations. It allows you to enter a numeric age, and choose "Older" or "Younger"
  • Coupon: This is probably what you are used to being advertised as a "coupon code." It allows you to pick a code to give your users, and they(or you) can enter it at checkout for the discount. You choose the Text, what customers enter to receive the discount. Setting a max # of uses tells the system that this discount can only be used a certain number of times system wide. You can set when the coupon starts and expires for more control on when the coupon discount is used.
  • Custom: This discount just gives you the freedom to configure it how you would like. You can configure it for any amount, and apply it as you would like.
  • Early Registration: This is used if you'd like to reward those who registers sooner rather than later. When assigning this discount to the sessions you will select the “until” date. This date should PRECEDE the actual session registration date.
  • Family: This coupon can be used for family members or multiple registrations for the same user, use the “Qualifying Participant” options to configure this. For the same registrant to receive the discount after multiple registrations, use “Same Registrant Only”. For any account member to receive this choose accordingly the “Any Account Member”. If this is a discount applying to a certain number of individual family members, use “Any Other Account Member”. To determine which activities qualify for the discount, set up has to be selected as one of the following in the same session, category or activity, or any registration. This setting is critical for check out to function as desired in conjunction with the “qualifying participant” setting. The “Qualifying TimeFrame” allows you to set parameters on the previous cart, registration and if it should be allowed now.The applies over option means that whatever number is input there has to be more than that number in the cart to receive the discount. Applies under means a smaller number has to be in the cart to receive the family discount.
    • Example: If the 2nd and 3rd person added to the cart receive the discount – “Applies over” would be 1 and “applies under” would be 4.
  • Local Resident: This discount can be used for customer who fall in the resident category dependent on where they live. This can be put on facility rentals or activities. The discount will populate accordingly if the customer is listed as a resident in the system. (Residency is set Configuration > Organization > Local Resident Criteria).
  • Membership/Activity: This discount is used for members only that are being offered a discount on another activity registration for having a currently been registered for a membership or other qualifying activity. The details of this membership/activity selection are selected under the session edit screen on the pricing tab.
  • Pro-Rated: This discount is used to those who register late after the session has already begun. Once attached to the activity, when the registration is taken place the system will discount based on the cost of the activity and the schedule tab on the session edit. Be sure to have a schedule configured.
  • Quantity: This discount is for when an activity where multiple quantities can be selected. Using the “Applies Over” and “Applies Under” settings gives the discount for that registrant within that quantity.
  • User Flag: This discount will only apply to users with the specified flag. This is the best way to do an "employee discount." Flag your employees, and configure this discount to the flag! To create a flag go to Configuration > Organization > Account Flags.

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