3.0 Accounts and Transaction Process


Allow Google/Facebook Logins


New and existing CivicRec users can now connect using their Facebook or Google Plus account information.



Enable Google/Facebook Login

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Organization > Organization Options
  2. Ensure that 'Yes' is selected for the 'Allow Google/Facebook Login' prompt:



Log Into Civic Rec

  1. Use Google or Facebook information to create an account, in addition to traditional account creation
  2. Whether the user is new or existing, select the preferred option to connect
  3. For New Users: 
    • Account creation is one click away for new users who prefer to use their Facebook or Google account to log in. The first time a user connects from this screen, a new account will be created for the user. Otherwise, they will log into their existing account.
  4. For Existing Users:
    • Users who have already connected with a social account will log into their existing account. The option to log in with your traditional CivicRec username and password is also available.
  5. Connect an Existing Account:
    • A user can go into their Account area and click the Connected Accounts tab. They can then link their Facebook or Google account to their CivicRec account, which will allow users to log into that CivicRec account via their connected social account.

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