3.0 Accounts and Transaction Process


Performing a Transfer


You will want to open the users account who you would like to perform the transfer for by navigating to accounts, and typing in the users name, username or email. 

Once you have opened the users account you can then complete the following steps to perform the transfer: 

  1. Navigate to the users profile and select 'voids, transfers, and refunds'
  2. Locate the participant who you would like to transfer to a different activity or session.
  3. Select the action tab on the far right hand side, and a drop down will populate where you can select transfer.
  4. The activity transfer page will populate, and from there you will begin to type the new section that the participant will be transferred into.
  5. Input new price if applies.
  6. Eligibility Override - This would be applied if the participant does not fit the eligibility of the new activity, (example: by age)
  7. Enrollment Override - This is used when a session of the activity which the participant is being transferred into is full, or if the enrollment time has past and you would like to transfer the participant after the fact.
  8. Notes can be applied in the notes field, if any are needed during the transfer.
  9. Select Preview Transfer, and at the bottom of the screen the transfer summary will populate for you to proof over before completing the transfer.
  10. After proofing you can select complete transfer, and the roster will populate for which the participant has been transferred into.



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