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Managing Cards on File


'Cards on File' is currently only available if CivicRec, Authorize.net or PayFlow is your merchant account.

Don't use one of these payment gateways? Contact us for information on new payment gateway integration.

You can add and manage your customers credit cards on file by navigating to their account profile and selecting the option 'Cards on File'


To add a new card, select 'Add Card on File' and enter all required fields.

Select save.

To remove an existing card on file, simply select the red X under 'Tools' beside the card you wish to remove.


At checkout, when the payment type Credit/Debit is selected, you can then either choose to use one of the saved cards on file


or, alternatively, you can choose to enter a new payment method.


Receiving an error about not having a "Bill To Last Name" on file? To address this: 

  1. Double check or re-enter the card on file information and be sure to include the first and last name. 
  2. Go into you authorize.net account > "payment form" settings and uncheck "required" for the name fields.

We suggest #1 be tried first.


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