3.0 Facilities



You will first need to navigate to Facilities > Permit on your back-end.

Create a New Permit

  1. Select one or more facilities from the list available
  2. Enter desired times
  3. Highlight one or more date from the calendar
  4. Review and select reservation/s from the preview column
  5. Lookup User Account
  6. Add Permit Note, if needed (Tab or CTRL+enter to close and save dialog)
  7. Click to Save Permit. Permit number will now appear in the Permit # field
  8. Click 'View' to see permit.
  9. Print and/or email from within View preview window.
  10. If you wish to create an invoice for your newly created permit, select the reservation/s from the 'Preview Reservation' column and select the 
    icon. Proceed with checkout.
Note: At any point, to start again and create a new Permit, simply select the 'New Permit' icon  

Edit an Existing Permit

  1. Enter Permit # and press Enter key
  2. Edit date and/or time
  3. Select Save
  4. Click 'View' to regenerate, print or email updated Permit

Changing an Estimate to Full Permit

Using the dropdown by the save menu, click "Save permit" instead of "save estimate.

Note: Before creating a permit, please be sure you have a Permit Template Configured.

Navigate to Configuration>Templates>Permit Template to create one or more for your organization. 

You may create as many permit templates as you wish 

and you can assign a template to one or more location/facility via the Facilities tab.


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