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Financial Settings - Fee Add-ons


“Financial Settings” takes care of all of your input preferences for Fee Add-ons, Discounts, GL Configurations, Cost Centers, Tax Types, and Payment Types.

Navigate to Configurations > Financial Settings > Fee Add-ons

Fee Add-ons in CivicRec are used to attach various conditional fees, such as non-resident fees, refundable deposits, equipment/supply costs, etc, to program registrations or facility rentals. Here, you can create add-ons and edit/search current add-ons.

  • Admin Fee - can be used for any transactions requiring administrators to process. Most groups charge this on refunds.
  • Custom - can be customized to suit your group's needs. This is often used to configure a refundable facility deposit.
  • Prompt Add-on - this one must be configured with a Prompt. First, you will need to set up a corresponding Prompt. The prompt will need to be either Yes/No or Numeric. Selecting Yes on the prompt will put the Add-On in the cart at checkout, and inputting a quantity in a Numeric prompt will result in that number of Prompt Add-On fees being added to checkout.
  • Date Add-on - allows groups to specify add-ons driven by rental date, like holiday rates.
  • Late Registration - is an extra fee associated with the end registration date and start date of late registrations. To add the late registration fee to an activity, set you end registration date and on the "advanced" settings tab on your activity session set up put the number of extra day for late registration in the "show extra days" portion. 
  • Non-Resident - this allows groups to distinguish pricing based on residency. So if you lived outside of the City you would pay extra.
  • Periodic Addon - is like a membership fee. Its a fee you would pay periodically throughout the year or once a year etc. 
  • Pro-Rated Fee - is if you sign up for a class late you can pay the prorated fee as opposed to the full cost.
  • User Flag Addon - This is an additional fee that would be associated with a user flag. Flags are created under Configuration. They can be for memberships, bad behavior, etc. just a way to "flag" an account. ​

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