3.0 Communicate


SMS Alerts


In addition to sending your customer email messages through CivicRec, you can now communicate via SMS Alerts/Text messaging.

When creating/editing a user account, you can now identify the mobile carrier, if applicable, for each phone number entered under 'Contact Info.'


To send a SMS Alert/Text message

Navigate to Communicate > SMS Alerts

Using the drop down filters, narrow down your list to the specific group of individuals for whom you wish to send your message. 

Recipients are categorized under 4 options:
  • Participants
  • Coaches
  • Team Mangers
  • Waiting Lists
Select or deselect any group you wish to contact as needed. 
The numeric bubbles beside the recipient categories indicate how many individuals will receive your message. 
Enter the Subject, Text Message and select 'Send Message'

To view Recently Sent Message

Recently sent SMS Alert message will be displayed under 'Recent Alerts' 

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