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The Scholarship module is a new tool that will allow you to allocate donations and money received to fund selected individuals for designated activities.

Scholarships can be created and funds can be allocated to account holders by navigating to Configuration > Financial Settings > Scholarships


To Create a New Scholarship

  1. Select the 'Create Scholarship' icon
  2. Complete the fields by entering the Scholarship Name and Organization.
  3. Select the ‘Add Funds’ icon in order to enter the dollar amount and name of donor, if applicable
  4. Select ‘Add Funds’ icon for each additional dollar amount to record
  5. Select the ‘Save New Scholarship’ icon in order to begin allocating money to specific account holders.

To Allocate Funds to Account Holders

  1. Select ‘Create Allocation’ in order to allocate scholarship funds to specific account holders

  2. Enter Recipient name, dollar amount, note (if needed) and an expiration date for the funds

  3. Select an activity category from the drop down under Restrictions for which the funds are to be utilized by the recipient

  4. Select 'Save Allocation'


To Edit or Delete an Existing Scholarship or Allocation

  1. Select the pencil tool to make edits
  2. Select the 'X' to delete


Utilizing Scholarship Funds

Once funds have been allocated to an individual, the money will be reflected in blue at the top of the account holder's profile.

Upon checkout the money will be automatically applied towards the balance of the registration. 

Scholarship funds will not be applied towards Add-ons, rentals or an unspecified category of activities.


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