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E-Waiver Support

CivicRec has released an updated process for capturing participant waiver/release acknowledgement. For public, online registrations, the process of waiver acknowledgement is clear. The user is authenticated, they agree to the waivers during checkout, and they are not allowed to complete a registration otherwise.

For, in-person registrations, the process is murkier. CivicRec has traditionally shown staff the waivers, but has left it up to staff to either skip those waivers or to agree to them on behalf of the participant. We, and many of you, have had reservations about this process.

To address it, we've introduced the concept of online waiver agreement...even for in-person registrations. It's important to note that this process can be disabled if desired. You should also note that additional capabilities are being developed and are described at the bottom of this article. 

The new e-waiver process works as follows:

Step 1

Staff conducts the registration as usual. On the Waiver acknowledgement page, staff will now see a note to the effect that the waivers will be emailed to the participant.


Step 2

The user automatically receives an email that is separate from their receipt. The email looks like the following:


Step 3

When the user clicks "Click Here", they will be taken to a screen hosted at CivicRec.com that will present to them the waivers that must be agreed to by the participant (or guardian). The user must successfully confirm their name and email address before the waiver is considered to be acknowledged. (The E-Waiver expires after 14 days)

In The Works

To improve this process further, we will also be implementing a touch-screen signature capture that staff can use during checkout. We are still reviewing workflow options and devices, but it will likely involve staff getting to the waiver screen and then having the waivers appear on a separate screen - facing the participant/guardian. The participant/guardian can then sign the screen with a finger or stylus. An additional update will be sent out once this capability has been implemented.


How can we disable the E-Waiver step when registering patron in-person?

If you navigate Configuration>Organization>Organizational options you can edit the "In-House Waiver Agreement Process" As stated above this is not recommended. 

This will cause the normal waiver process to come back into place and all staff to skip and agree for customer.


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