EMV Card Readers


Where does CivicRec stand on EMV Credit Card readers?
Our customers should purchase whichever EMV reader they want (or that is recommended by their processor). Most EMV readers are non-integrated (they aren't going to be able to communicate with CivicRec).
The EMV device will just act like the older phone-based terminals where the staffer will swipe/insert into that device outside of the CivicRec process.
CivicRec will set the customers account up to allow "Offline Credit/Debit"
When the staffer gets to the payment screen in CivicRec, there will be no credit card form fields (and the older attached readers won't work)

But, at the payment screen, the staffer will then need to go to the EMV reader and perform the full CC transaction there from keyed amount to insert card to approved/rejected message.
Assuming the credit card was approved, they will go back to CivicRec and simply indicate that the person paid with a credit card  "Offline Credit/Debit" payment type and complete their transaction.
If CivicRec is your merchant, there is not a solution currently since we only support integrated payments.

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