3.0 Activities


Activity Types


  • Child Care - The "child care" type allows for special daily pricing for single and multiple days.
  • Class - The "class" type is basic class settings for any class.
  • Donation  - The "donation" type accepts donations for any reason, group, fund you want to request from the public.
  • Drop In - The "drop in" type allows for daily drop in fee's.
  • Event - The "event" type is to set up one time or recurring events that the public need to register for.
  • League - The "league"  type give the option for indiviual or team registration and the option to require roster entry. 
  • Membership - The "membership" type gives the options for memebership term, auto billing and invoicing, and renewals, you can also create scan cards which allow you to set a number of visits to a certain facility.
    • The "Membership Type" tells the system if this pass is for an individual or a family (multiple users on one account).
    • The "Membership Term" is how long the membership is good for. 
    • Recurring/Auto-Billing
    • Auto Billing Date - Tells the system when (if using auto-billing) the customer should be charged for their membership each month.
    • Card Style is used if you are printing cards in house.
    • Facility Access is used if the membership is restricted to specific locations.
    • Maximum Facility Scans are used for passes/memberships such as a 10 visit pass where the user can "check in" 10 times. Each time they check in or their membership is scanned their available scans decreases by 1. 
  • Merchandise - The "merchandise" type is for purchasing merchandise.
  • Package - The "package" type allows your public to register for multiple programs as a package deal.
  • Ticket - The "ticket" type generates barcoded tickets that can be printed at home and scanned into the 3.0 Check-In at the top.

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