3.0 Activities


Configuring for Ticket Sales


In order to configure your activity for ticket sales, you would need to begin by creating a new activty, assigning the Activity type as 'Ticket.'

Once your activity has been created, you would then create a new session(s) (as explained here).

It's important to note that if you allow for one user to purchase several tickets under their own name, you would want to select the 'Allow Multiple Quantities' option under the Advanced tab.

If, however, you would like each user to register for their own ticket you would disable that option.  

Upon checkout, the number of tickets that are purchased will be auto-generated complete with the customer's name, a unique ticket number, & a barcode.

Each ticket will print on a separate page following the receipt.

Lastly, in order to check in/scan you tickets on the day of the event you would use the 'Check-in' option at the top of your screen to either type in the ticket number or scan your barcode.

Note: You can only Check-in on the day for which the activity is scheduled.


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