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Instructor Management


The CivicRec Instructor Management process allows organizations to manage instructor lists, pay rates, and to allow limited viewing of activity rosters by instructors.

The following steps will enable an instructor to log in:
  1. Create the Instructors Account under Accounts as a public user.
  2. Under  Activities > Instructors
  3. Assign the Instructor by searching the Instructor name and selecting their name from the drop down.
  4. Assign the instructor by selecting the check box next to the appropriate class by navigating through the Activity Categories and Sessions/Leagues and Save.
  5. Enter in the hourly rate or percentage to be set aside for the instructor, specify whether they need to receive notification when someone is registered and Save Changes.
  6. Once the instructor has been assigned, if the instructor logs into the public registration page for the organization, he/she will have a Tab that allows them to view their "Instructor Activities" 
  7. The Instructor Reports are found under Reports > Instructor Reports

For the instructor to be able to view roster and participant information:

  1. Instructor logs onto their user account via the public page.
  2. Configure > Organization Options > Participant Data Viewable by Instructors - check boxes next to data you desire for instructors to be able to view 
  3. Save

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