3.0 Activities


Program Rollover

Navigate to Activities > Program Rollover

Step 1

To searching what programs you would like to have rolled over:
  1. Select location of where the program being rolled over takes place.
  2. You can search for the session you would like to set up a rollover for, or use the drop downs below to find your desired activity and sessions to rollover. If using a program period that is over a certain period of time, such as a season, example: spring 2016. The instructor and session admin. can also be used in narrowing down various programs to find the one which you would like to rollover.
  3. When you locate your activity which you would like to rollover select 'Get Selected Programs'

Step 2

  1. (optional) Click the link to view the programs selected by your search.
  2. Select a new program period, or select the option to keep existing program period(s)
  3. Review affected programs for fees and make any fee changes
  4. Review and update any dates. (If using a program period this will be auto filled).
  5. If a new program has been selected in step 3, any dates associated with that program period will be updated in the corresponding date sections. Any dates that have been updated this way will appear with a red background. You can manually adjust dates if needed, but if you change the program period after manually changing a date, the program period dates will once again be filled in. (In other words, always select a program period first)
    If you do not use program codes the next step will not need to be applied.
  6. Program Codes - Mass Update
    Original code example: TESTA, TESTB, TESTC*, etc.
    New code: TESTD

    The mass update feature for code is more complex but more powerful. It allows you to update codes for many programs at once. For example, if you have 100 programs that have codes like:
    (and so on...)

    You can mass-update those so that each will instead say...
    (and so on...)

    To do so, in this example you would put TESTA* in the "Original Code Segment" box, and then put TESTB* in the New Code Segment Box. The result is that all text saying "TESTA" in any codes in any selected programs will be replaced with text that says "TESTB", resulting in a new list of codes from 1 to 100 starting from TESTB1, TESTB2, TESTB3, etc
  7. Select 'Submit Rollover' for the rollover to process through. 

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