3.0 Activities


Activate Activity Waitlist


In order for you activate your waiting list:

  1. You need to configure your activity to "allow for waitlists"
  2. Then, once max participation is met, the waitlist automatically becomes activated
  3. Once activated, instead of adding the activity to the cart, the customer or staff would instead be prompted with the option to 'Add to Waitlist' rather than 'Add to Cart' on the catalog (so they have to go through the process of registering for the activity to get on the waitlist)
  4. Once it is determined that an individual can be moved from waitlist to roster, staff would need to enroll them from the waitlist. It's important to note though that once a waitlist is activated you can only enroll in the waitlist after that point. In other words, if the waitlist gets activated and some people un-enroll from the activity and take the number of participants below the max number it doesn't matter... all subsequent registrations would go through the waitlist.

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