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Interactive Polling (Two-Way Voice Alert)


With our two-way voice alert you will be able to conduct polls and surveys to capture user responses for both critical and non-critical notifications.


  1. Go to New Poll from the dropdown menu by the New Post button
  2. Choose the recipients for the poll like you would a standard post and then compose the initial question or introduction to the poll in the first text box and fill out the menus below with your questions and select from the dropdown menu what type of question it is:
    • To: enter all the groups to which you would like to send an IVR notification.
    • Select Location (s) or Group (s)
    • Caller ID: enter a telephone number which you would like to be displayed as the outgoing caller ID. Make sure to include "1" before the area code and the telephone number.
    • Question: enter the initial question you would like to ask your recipients.
    • Menu: these are the choices you give your recipients to respond to your initial question and as well as ask any additional questions. You can have up to 5 menus with 3 questions within each one.


There are five types of responses:

  • Record: allows the recipients to record a voice response
  • KeyPress: allows the recipients to key-in their response (for example, if they have to enter a time)
  • SingleKey: allows the recipients' response to be associated with a specific key
  • Yes-No: allows the response to automatically default to "Press 1 for Yes, press 2 for No"
  • Hangup: allows you to make a statement to end the menu and hangup right after the statement is completed

Note: After the recipient enters the response, they must press pound (#) to complete the response.***


The Hangup Feature

This is especially useful for Yes-No responses. For example, if the recipient responds with a "Yes" the call will continue with the following questions in that menu. If the recipient responds with a "No" the call will just automatically continue to the second menu. In order to prevent the respondents of "Yes" to hear the second menu, you must select the hangup the call after the first menu.

For more information on how you can add this feature to your network please contact CivicReady support.


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