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Version 3.0 Overview


CivicRec is excited to have rolled out its new user interface, designated version 3.0. This interface is a cleaner, more modern version of our current one. We think that users will really appreciate its ease of use. In addition, there are several functional improvements and new features that users have requested for some time.

Version 3.0 is available to all software users and we encourage you to take some time familiarizing yourself with the new interface.*

To switch to the new version, simply hover over your name in the right hand corner and select the option 'Switch to CivicRec 3.0 (New version)"

In order to switch back to version 2.0, hover over your name again and select the option 'Switch to CivicRec 2.0'

Additionally, here is a short video walk through to help you get started.

Note: If you determine that the new interface lacks required elements of our current interface, we will work with you to ensure you're not left in a lurch. 


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