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POS Items Not Showing in the Catalog


  1. Are you logged into the correct location? Since POS Screens must be assigned to a loctation(s), they are only visible at that location. So, you will need to be logged into that location to view it. Change your location by using the drop-down underneath your name in the top right corner.
  2. Are the items assigned to the correct screen?
    1. To check, go to POS Items> POS Items tab> "Edit" the item> Check and select the appropriate screens.
  3. Are the screens assigned to the correct location?
  4. Is the Catalog tab configured correctly?
    1. Navigate to Configuration> Public View> Catalog Tabs and Edit your POS tab. 
    2. Make sure Show Internal is selected, Tab Type is Merchandise, The Access Groups include your group (Ie, Front Desk, Admin) and make sure the Merhchandise on Tab has the appropriate Screens selected.
  5. All of this is correct, and they still are not showing: Double check the "Archive" box on the lower right of the Basics tab of the item. POS Items> POS Items Tab> Edit item> De-select Archive. Archiving the item hides it on the main POS Screen and the Catalog.



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