IPAWS Interface


  1. Disseminate As: Select one or more Public Alerting System(s). If you check off COGs you must then select individual or multiple COGs from the COGs selection box.
    • Public Alerting Systems / Alert Disseminators:
      • EAS:  Emergency Alert System
      • WEA:  Wireless Emergency Alerts
      • NWEM: Non- Weather Emergency Messages (Messages will be sent via All-Hazards Emergency Message Collection System (HazCollect) operated by the National Weather Service)
      • COGs: Collaborative Operating Group
      • For more details on each of the above IPAWS Alert Disseminators view our About IPAWS article.
  2. Sender: Enter the name of your Alerting Authority (e.g. Your Organization/County name). Please note there is a special format for NWEM messages.
  3. Event Code: Select the event code from the drop-down selection.
  4. Alert Category: Select the appropriate alert category from the drop-down selection.
  5. Urgency: Select the appropriate urgency from the drop-down selection.
  6. Severity: Select the appropriate severity from the drop-down selection.
  7. Certainty: Select the appropriate certainty from the drop-down selection.
  8. Event Response: Select the appropriate event response from the drop-down selection.
  9. Alert Duration: Enter the alert duration if required by the alert disseminator.
  10. Time Zone: Select the appropriate time zone.
  11. Location: Select your location.
  12. Headline: Enter an appropriate headline (length of the headlined depends on to which Public Alerting System you are sending your alert to.
  13. Description: Please enter an appropriate description.
  14. Instructions: Enter the appropriate instructions.
  15. WEA Text: This field is limited to 90 characters and is used for one-way radio broadcasts (appears similar to a text message) sent to cell phones or mobile devices based on the recipient's proximity to the selected cell tower.

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