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Use the Geo-Targeted Messaging


Clients have the ability to send Email, SMS, and Voice notifications based on the location of the recipients with our new Geo-Targeting option.

By drawing a multi-point polygon shape on a region of a map, clients will be able to target select recipients that are located within the drawn shape.

This option is also compatible with ESRI shapefiles to allow you to use your map projection file as a base map, or overlay existing saved areas/shapes as a template for future messaging. 


Our Geo-Mapping option includes:

  • Ability to draw a multi-point polygon shape

  • Compatibility with ESRI shape files

  • Ability to save drawn regions as a template for future use

  • Ability to remove unwanted recipients from receiving a notification

  • Ability to draw a radius shape using 1/2 mile increments

  • Ability to display public alerts, current weather conditions, and hurricane/tropical storm trajectory


To use this feature just enable Map Mode when you are in the Post a Message Page.

Once in Map Mode, notice that the "To" field disappeared. This is because you will be selecting the users based on the shape you draw on the map. All users within that shape will receive your notification. Continue to fill out all the fields for your notification.

Scroll down until you see a map. Next, draw a Polygon or Radius shape on the map. You can search for a specific address to draw your shape around or move from region to region on the map by clicking and dragging the map with your mouse. The list of users within your drawn shape will appear below the map. If you would like to exclude anyone from this notification simply uncheck them from the list of users below the map.

You can save your map by giving it a name in the "Region Title" field. You also have the option to delete your drawn shape if you need to start over. By selecting specific weather forecasts from the legend on the right hand side of the map you are able to see current weather conditions, tornado warnings, thunderstorms, flood warnings, and more right directly on your map.


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