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Email/Phone/Address Preferences

Email/Phone/Address Preferences

From the profile page, you can add/modify/delete the way you are notified. (If NOAA Weather Alerts are available on your network, you can also enable them here if you want to receive personal Weather alerts).

Email Preferences

You must have a confirmed email address as your primary email in the database to log-in and send out notifications. (If your network is set up for Single-Sign-On you will need to use your Username and Organizational Password). You can then add email addresses or remove email addresses. If your Network is set up to allow users to change their primary email, you can also add an email address and select to make it your primary.

Phone Preferences

Here you can add or remove as many phone numbers as you like. Select what phone type it is (Work, Home, Cell, Other) and how you would like to be notified, by voice calls and/or text. By checking "it is ok for regroup to send text/voice messages to my phone" you are consenting to be notified in those ways. Remember to always click save when updating information.

Address & Weather Alert Preferences

If you wish to receive weather alerts you must have an address completed under your address preferences. Weather alerts will be sent to you based on your Email/Text/Voice/Address preferences.


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