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Custom Field User Import Tool - Add users to a Group based on Custom Fields


We now offer the ability to populate groups based on custom fields that are set at the network level. We allow clients to create an unlimited amount of custom fields and fill in those fields during user import or through the web interface. These fields can be set as filters at the group level. When users are imported and they match the filters set within the group, they will be added to the group.  This option effectively removes the need to add the CivicReady group ID to the extract script, that is currently used to designate what group a user is added too, thus simplifying the user import process. This option must be activated on your network by CivicReady.

There are two options for filtering users with this feature: Filter by network custom fields or filter by a specific group and its membership called the master group filter.


Filtering via Network Custom Fields Through the Website

Once a group has been created or if you have an existing group, you now have the ability to choose the "Custom Fields User Filter" from the groups maintanence links at the right of the page.


Master Group

You have the ability to choose users from an existing group which we call a "Master Group". Once you have chosen a master group you have the ability to set filters which will extract members from the "Master Group" membership and import them according to the "Custom Fields" you have previously created on your network into this group. (Custom Fields Creation)

  1. Choose Master Group (This is a group that you have created and populated in the past) You will be extracting the users to be placed in this new group from the membership of the Master Group.
  2. Filter Level 1 (This is where you choose your first filter from the custom fields you have previously set up on your network.
  3. Filter Level 2 (Choose another pre-existing custom field)
  4. Filter Level 3 (Choose another pre-existing custom field)
  5. Save the filter (The system will show you how many users match your selected criteria) 
  6. Click "Update Group Membership"



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