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User Preferences for Email Digest


The preferences settings option can be found on top right of any page for any Network Level and Group Level users. Normal users without admin rights will be directed to preference page when they login.

CivicReady now allows for multiple email digest options. In addition to the daily digest, you can now set a weekly or a monthly digest either within the group settings page for the entire group or per user on a group by group basis. If you set the emails to a weekly digest you will receive all of the emails in one notification at the weekly interval.


Instructions on how an end user can change their email digest options for a specific group:

  1. Navigate to Account > My Profile
  2. Select Notifications
  3. Once in Notifications, the user will see a list of all the groups he/she belongs to. By default the Email Frequency is set to "as they're sent" but the user can set the Email Frequency to a Daily, Weekly, Monthly Digest as well as opt out from receiving emails notifications from that group altogether.
  4. When done click "Save Settings"

Prevent Changing Email Frequency

Please note that there are two scenarios that will prevent the user to change the Email Frequency in their Preferences.


Group Settings: "No Unsubscribes"

  1. If the group is set to "No Unsubscribes" in the Edit Group Settings page the user will not have the option to select the Email Frequency for that group in the Preferences page.
  2. If the group's Email Frequency is set to a daily, weekly, or monthly digest the user will not have the option to change the frequency of the digest as well. For example if the Email Digest is set to Daily in the Edit Group Settings page the user will see this Digest Option in the Preferences for that group but will not be able to change it.


Group Level

For instructions on how to change the Email Digest options on a group level please visit the Group Email Digest Options article.


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