Custom Email Footers


CivicReady allows you to have a Custom default email footer at the Network level as well as at the Group level.

To set the default footer at the Network level navigate to your Admin Settings page, under the General tab in the Messaging Settings link.

Once you have filled out this footer text this will be the default footer for your entire network, unless you create a custom footer at the group level, that footer will override the network footer for that specific group.


Create a Custom Footer at the Group Level

  1. Go to the "Group Settings" page of the group you would like to work with.
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the "Email Options". By checking this box it will expand this area to show several additional custom settings you can set for this group. One of them being "Message footer" 
  3. You are able to type your custom footer in this large box. Please note by default an unsubscribe link, a topic link as well as the group's email address are automatically populated in this box.
  4. You of course have the option to delete any and all information in this box.



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