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Modify Notifications per Groups via Api and CSV


The 0=none option to control the Email, texts and voice for Users Imports via API and CSV imports

Now we have - groupid||0|0 the number after 2nd | (pipe) is the notification type

0 = none (no text no voice)
1 = text
2 = voice
3 = both (default)"

"<groupID>xxxxxx||0</groupID> or
<groupID>xxxxxx||1</groupID> or
<groupID>xxxxxx||2</groupID> or

We are able to control the email digest frequency for each group the user belongs to via xml import
the number after 3rd | (pipe) is the digest frequency setting

0 = none
1 = daily
2 = weekly
3 = monthly"

"<groupID>xxxxxx|||0</groupID> or
<groupID>xxxxxx|||1</groupID> or
<groupID>xxxxxx|||2</groupID> or


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