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CivicReady allows you to integrate with Twitter on a Network Level as well as Group Level.

If you add Twitter Profile and Page on a Network level, all notifications posted to groups on your Network will be posted to profiles/pages. Profiles added to the network can only be linked to a single network. If you have multiple networks as well as many different profiles/pages we do not recommend to integrate Twitter on a Network level. Integration of Twitter on a Group level allows you to integrate the same profiles/pages with as many groups as you wish. 


Network Level

To connect Twitter profiles and pages on a network level follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your CivicReady’s Network Settings under "Admin Settings" and select your Network.
  2. Next "General" tab and "Social Media Settings" scroll down if needed to the "Twitter synch” option and select Add Profile.
  3. Once you click on Add Profile a new pop-up window will appear asking you to login into your Twitter profile, please follow all the steps in order to give CivicReady access to post messages into your Twitter profile.
  4. After you have successfully linked your Facebook profile with the CivicReady system, you will now see your Twitter profile listed under the “Twitter Synch” option. You can add multiple profiles to your network. 
  5. Click the “+” plus sign to the left of your Facebook profile's name and option “Connect to Twitter Page” will be displayed. Click on it and follow the steps to allow CivicReady to post to your Facebook pages attached to your profile. After refreshing your browser all the Facebook pages will be displayed under your profile name. 
  6. Once the pages are visible under your Twitter Profile, you can choose which Pages the notifications will be posted to. 


Group Level

To connect Twitter profiles and pages on a group level follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the group's settings page to which you want to add a Facebook profile and click on"Edit Group Settings".
  2. Once in the Edit group settings page, scroll down until you see "Twitter Synch". Follow the same steps as outlined above to add Twitter Profiles and Pages to the group. You can add the same profiles and pages to as many groups as you wish.

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