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Create an RSS Feed

How to Create an RSS Feed For a Public Group

Simply navigate to the home page of the group you wish to create an .RSS feed for. At the top of the web browser, add .rss to the end of the url and click enter. Depending on your browser, it may load the .rss page immediately, or if your browser requires an .RSS reader, it may ask you how to wish to use the .rss feed.

How to Create a .RSS Feed for Private & Secret

For these special types of groups there exists a unique token code which grants permission to the application to post RSS messages.  The token code can be found on the Edit group settings page shown below.

To correctly configure the RSS feed please add .rss?token=token code after the URL as described above. For example the RSS feed for this group would be

How to Display Your .RSS Feed

There are two ways to display your .rss feed. You can use the .rss feed link to send to an external feeder software or site such as Facebook or .RSS reader, or you can ebmed it on your own page.


Sending Your .RSS Feed

You can use the RSS feeds for a group or a network to create your own embed. Just add ".rss" to the URL of any group or network, or follow the orange RSS icon. This can be found by clicking the orange "RSS" icon on the network or group page. You will need to set the Feedreader URL to your own feedreader setup / url, as well as choose the surrounding box that you'd like to use.  

Examples: - for a whole network/organization (public groups only) - for a group


Embeding Your .RSS Feed

Embed code: This is a custom-developed embed by the client. The code on their page uses a free RSS reader called Feedreader (at, and also uses the CivicReady's Network admin panel's RSS setting that allows you to select "body only" for the messages in your RSS feeds.
The code on their page, which you can view yourself by choosing "view source" with your browser, is:

<!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->  
  <div id="RightContentRow2" class="RightContentRow2">
  <!-- com.omniupdate.div label="MessageBox" path="/Includes/MessageBox/MessageBox.html" -->
  <iframe src="" frameborder="0" marginheight="0"
  marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" class="RightContentRow2Iframe"></iframe>
  <a href="">
  <img src="/Images/Icons/CivicReady.png" alt="CivicReady" class="rssCivicReady" align="right" />
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->  
Note: you can choose to make the RSS feeds show only the body of messages (like HindsCC has done with their "recent messages" embed), via the Network Admin page.


Another option has been made available for RSS as well.
  • If the client wants to have the RSS feed read from the SMS box instead of the standard email box they can now do that by using a new URL. 

Also be aware that we have changed the label from Campus to Location



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