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Desktop Alerts using Feed Notifier for Windows

Desktop Alerts are possible using a free software called Feed Notifier. Once you have downloaded this software you can configure it to monitor any of your CivicReady RSS feeds. The software will monitor the CivicReady RSS feed and once a message is posted, the software will display a pop-up window (Customizable) on any PC/MAC.


  1. Download Feed Notifier to your PC

  2. Install the Software

  3. Once program is installed go to the "Add Feeds" option from your bottom tool bar
  4. Enter in the URL for your CivicReady RSS feed group
    • Note: For Private and Secret groups you must add the group token to the feed URL. The Group Token can be found in your group settings page on the right side.
    • Example:
  5. Make the following changes:
    • Change the Feed Title to your desired description
    • Polling Interval should be change to 30 seconds
    • Change your border color to desired color
    • Click Finished
  6. Your feed should now be active. Once someone posts a message to the designated group you will see the pop-up message appear on your desktop.

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