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Delete Users from Group Using CSV


CivicReady now allows you through the CSV process to delete a user from a specific group and or add them to another group all in the same row/cell.

We have instituted the use of Pipes ( | ) in that field. If a user is to be removed from a specific group you would enter GroupID|00002.

If you should want to add a user to a specific group and delete them from another at the same time you could use this code in the field: GroupID;GroupID|00002.

In the Group ID column, you can use the following Group IDs: 

  • Group ID = 00000: The user will be completely removed from the CivicReady database.
  • Group ID = 00001: The user will be removed from all groups.
  • Group ID = 00002: User will be removed from specific groups. This option requires admins to input the relevant group ID(s) after the above code. With this method you can easily remove members from a specific group bulk.  
    • To remove the user from one group the input would be 00002;GROUPID1. Additionally you can remove a member from multiple groups by adding a semi-colon after the group id followed by another Group ID to be removed. Example: 00002;GROUPID1;GROUPID2.




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