Edit Group Settings "Email Options"


  1. Click on Edit group settings
  2. Group Homepage
  3. Scroll Down until you find the Email Options.
  4. By checking the empty box or clicking [Edit] you will have more options on how to set up your "Email Options".


CivicReady allows you to set up a custom From name and email address in order to whitehat, or make it appear the email is coming directly from your servers. In order to make this functionality work you will need to set up some type of email box on your servers, that does not need to be monitored, but the email address should be donotreply@orgdomain.

Email-In Restrictions

  • Restricted Email in access: Only Authorized administrators with the unique group email address can email in. The person sending the email to this group must be sending the email from an authorized email account that is registered in the CivicReady system as an Administrator of this specific group.
  • Unrestricted email in access: This option allows users who are not in the CivicReady database to email into Public groups freely with the exception of Announcement only groups. We recommend when using this option, you also select a Moderated group type so that notifications sent to this group have to be approved by the group admin(s) before going out to members of the group.
  • Disable this feature: This option disables the ability to email into the group via the group email address completely.


  •  Replies: gives you the ability to change the way users reply to the notifications.
  • Subject Prefix: is added to the beginning of each subject line and it is added between brackets example: [Test Group] This is a test message.
  • Message Footer: If you make no changes whatsoever it will display in the emails the default footer. You can turn the footer off completely or you can make a custom footer. If you click make a custom footer it will actually show you what the default footer is.
  • Email Digest: CivicReady now allows for multiple email digest options. In addition to the daily digest, you can now set a weekly or a monthly digest either within the group settings page for the entire group or per user on a group by group basis. If you set the emails to a weekly digest you will receive all of the emails in one notification at the weekly interval.
  • Archive Options: is to post all messages from this group to an external mail list server for external storage.
  • Text/SMS option: allows you to choose if you want to convert the email from the email in feature into a text message. Email in Feature (only admins can trigger the email in posting)
  • Facebook Post: By choosing this option emails will be posted on user/network/group connected Facebook profiles.
    Note: To connect a group to a Facebook profile scroll down towards the bottom of the group settings page to Facebook Sync.
  • Alertus Alert: Emails sent from authorized addresses will also be sent to the Alertus server.

Always remember to Save Settings after changing any Email Options.


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