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CivicReady allows you to export/Download a .csv report of the current users within a group or a network. This will allow you to see a detailed report of your group membership and the user's data. 

Note: In the case where you have a large user base, the system will send you an email with the file attached, instead of downloading it directly on these pages.

Group Level

First navigate to the group's homepage and select the "Edit group settings" link in the list of options on the left.

Once on the group settings page, scroll down about halfway and look at the right of the screen right under "Group ID" where it says "User information".

This will start a download of a csv file containing all members of the group. If the file is too large you will receive a zip file in an email.

Once this is selected, a spreadsheet will be downloaded to your files containing all the members within your group.

Network Level

CivicReady allows Network Administrators to export a report which includes all users on the network.

There are 2 options for this report:

  • Sorted by Username
  • Sorted by Groups.

To export these reports in .csv format*, navigate to your Network Settings page through the Admin Settings tab.

On the Users tab, look for User Information on the right hand side and click on either Sorted by Username or Sorted by Groups to save the report on your computer.

Note: If the report is too large you will get an email with a zip file of the report.


Report Columns of Sorted by Username Report

Username First Name Last Name Email Phone

Network Name - Database ID


Report Columns of Sorted by Groups Report

Group Name Username First Name Last Name Email Phone Network Name - Database ID

Unsubscribes: this is a list of the users that have unsubscribed from the Network.


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