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CivicRec, which is also known as Rec1, is excited to be offering several new support options for our customers! Our support page is accessible from the same Support link is accessible from the Main Menu of options within CivicRec. You can select the "Support" option from the menu on the backend of your system.


 The Support options on this page are as follows:

  • Knowledge Base - Search on key words to open a new screen listing all of the CivicRec help articles with the most important ones pinned to the top.
  • Technical Help - Opens a pop up asking what type of technical help you might need.
    • Search our library of Knowledge Base articles, or select 'Contact Support' and complete our Support form.Selecting 'Contact Support' will send your information and question directly to our support team where you should receive a timely response.
    • Complete our Bug Report form
    • Selecting 'Report a Bug' will send your issue directly to our support team where you should receive technical assistance.
    • Software Roadmap - this is your chance to suggest or comment on features that CivicRec is currently considering for development
    • Direct Email - if you don't want to use our Support widget, please feel free to contact us directly
    • CivicRec is also ramping up its presence on the major social media platforms. These - along with internal notifications in the software - will be a great way to follow our latest updates, new releases, and regular webinars. So, Follow, Like and +1 away! 
    • General Question
    • Report a Bug:
    • Social Media

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