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Processing a Transaction on the Public View


  1. Login in to your CivicRec account. If a user does not have an account they can make an account to be able to register for activities or make facility reservations.
  2. After logging in to your user account, you can then select which category or use the search function to look for which activity or facility rental you are looking to register or rent.
  3. When you find the activity (or facility) which you would like to register for you will select which account member you would like to register, then add to cart.

  4. Once you have added the item to the cart, you can then proceed to the checkout screen, by choosing checkout or quickpay.
  5. After choosing checkout, you will proceed to the prompts and waivers pages.
  6. After answering the prompt questions, and waivers.
  7. To finish you will put in your card payment information and process through your payment to register for your activity.

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