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Processing a Transaction Internally


  1. Navigate to the catalog.
  2. Type in the users name who you are registering.
  3. Select the tab which the activity and session is under, or you can search for the session name on the right hand side.
  4. Choose which user in the account that is being registered for the activity, and select add to cart.
  5. Select the checkout icon.
  6. Go through the prompt, and waivers that have been applied to the session being registered for.
  7. Payment screen: Choose the payment type (cash, check, credit/debit, user credit).
    Note: you can put notes that you may want to look back on later. 
    • Date Override: This can be chosen if you are wanting to change the date that the transaction will post on a different date before or after then the current date.
    • Pay all later option: You can select the percentage amount if you would like to allow the customer to be charged for a later date. You will also select the date which the amount is due. 
  8. Once payment type is select you can complete the transaction.


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