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Add/Invite Users


From the CivicReady homepage, select the appropriate group.

From group homepage select "Add/invite members".

Once on the Add/Invite screen, you have the option of four ways to upload users to your group.


  1. Upload a .csv file
  2. Add an email address
  3. Add First name, Last name, Email address

We recommend option 2 the upload .csv file since this will give you the opportunity to make sure all your users information is added all at once.

If you upload phone numbers do not use dashes (-) or any other character, only numbers.


Option 1: Upload a .csv file

  • Select the option to Upload a .CSV
    • Click on "Choose File" admins are able to select the file from their computer.
      • Note: the option to send a welcome message should be selected when you would like to inform new members what the group is all about. For members added to CivicReady this email will include log in and password info, for existing members the email will not include log in info.
    • After choosing file Click on Submit to add corresponding headers to file selected.
    • Once the file is submitted, admins will be brought to a page where they can select what each column represents(Header Rows). Once the columns are designated appropriately select submit and the file will be uploaded.
  • .csv Formatting
    • Please also note that a maximum of 4000 users can be added per file upload on the web, unless you have an SFTP account.
    • Column headers are not recommended for your .csv. It will try to create a User with the Header information and give you an error. Please use the following format for the data in your columns:
    • FirstName
    • LastName
    • Email; Email2; Email3
    • UserName
    • Phone|Carrier|Type; Phone2||Type; Phone3
    • GroupID; GroupID2; GroupID3
    • DatabaseID


Option 2: Invite User

If the user you are adding is already a member of the network, you can just insert their email address. You are able to add up to a total of 500 email addresses separated by a semi-colon or comma at one time. If necessary you can repeat the process for additional users.


Option 3: New User

You are able to enter the First Name, Last Name, Email Address of a new user. Please note that since you have not added a phone number to this record you or the user will have to add this information if you should desire this user to receive Text to Speech or Text Message.

Note: Members can also be added using API and SFTP


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